New York Yankees: Best team in baseball

At one component of situational hitting, that is.  If you are like Fitz and Vig (and you are), you get overwhelmingly frustrated when the Yanks fail in fundamental / situational opportunities.  In fact, when the Yankees don’t score when there is a runner on third with less than two out, it can feel as though the Yanks are, at that moment, the worst team on the planet (including the Liverpool Mud Schmucks).  That said, our friends over at ESPN (heard of em?) show some enlightening pinstriper splits for this 2011 season for the ages. 

The Yankees are currently hitting over .360 with a slugging % above .650 when presented with a runner on third base with less than two out.  Excuse me?  Yes, and guess what bomber faithful?  Those numbers represent the best performance in the league (50 sac flies is best as well).  So take that, Red Sox.  Suck on it, Philly.  You better not let the New York Good Guys get a runner on third with less than two out, or else!  Or else, um, we might go up 1-0.  Winning…

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3 thoughts on “New York Yankees: Best team in baseball

  1. Wow Vig. I am personally applauding you and your extremely intelligent postings. These stats mean one thing: that the numbers don’t lie. Bottom line… New York and New England better hunker down for longer than its battle against Irene! Both will be in the playoffs and both need to be healthy! In a 5 game or 7 game series, all stats are out the window! Let’s hope they both make the ALCS. Then we’ll have a battle like those WWF fights in Double A’s dorm room at Seton Hall circa 2000!

  2. Thanks Jersey Shore, not a problem. And I agree, it’s gonna be a fun playoff season. I give the edge to Philly beating your Red Sox in the World Series, but the Yanks are always dangerous…

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