Does anyone expect CC Sabathia not to opt out?

CC Sabathia, CC300, Yankees

Have I told all of you before how much I hate opt out clauses in contracts? If I was a GM, I would never include one of these clauses in a contract for a player. CC Sabathia is only 3 years into his massive 7 year, $161 million deal. Tons of money, lots of years, but CC wants more. He is expected by everyone, and he will, opt out of his deal in order to hold the Yankees hostage for more years at over $20 million per. After the way our season ended, what choice do the Yankees have? They will probably have to give him the same 7 year, $161 million dollar deal, now to a pitcher 3 years older.¬†¬†Sure CC300 is a youthful 31 as of today, and his original contract keeping him on the Yankees until he’s 35 was a sensible deal. Now we’re talking about paying a guy who is well over 300 (375?) lbs, inconsistent in the 2nd half of the seasons, and will be paid probably about $23 million bucks as a 38 year old pitcher. As a Yankees fan, we have to re sign him. As a Yankees GM, we have to re sign him. But this is begging the comparison to Alex Rodriguez’s deal from 4 years ago. Don’t forget, we got stuck with that contract due to an opt out clause too!

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