Yankees scouting Yu Darvish. Don’t do it!!!

This could be Kei Igawa all over again. Japanese pitching pheonom, Yu Darvish, is teasing MLB by potentially putting himself up on the posting block, and the Yankees are looking. Darvish had a tremendous 2011 season for the Nippon Ham Fighters. His 18-6 record with a 1.44 ERA looks straight out of high school, but I’m saying we pass on this Far East phenom. If you remember how the Japanese posting system works, you put up big bucks to the team just for negotiation rights. On top of that money, you then have to pay the player like an All-Star. Stay away Yankees, we don’t need pitching that bad.  The best example of a pitcher similar to Yu Darvish is Daisuke Matsuzaka. His total cost to the Boston Red Sox was $103 million bucks. $51 million just to negotiate with Dice-K, and then another $52 million in salary over 6 years. That investment didn’t pay off for them, and this one on Darvish won’t pay off for the New York Good Guys. Sure we could afford the $100 million commitment, but let him go somewhere else. Let the Angels sign him and hamstring their whole team for 6 years because they can’t sign any more players. The Yankees should have learned from Kei Igawa and even Hideki Irabu. Fitz and Vig say NO to Japanese pitchers.

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