CC Sabathia to stay with the New York Yankees

All the opt out drama was for show, as the Yankees wrap up CC Sabathia tonight with an extension/rewrite to his existing deal. CC300 had 4 years left on his current deal for $92 million. The new deal gives him a 5th year, so 5 years total remaining at $122 million. Yeah it’s a ton of dough, but we had to do it. What it amounts to is one extra year and an extra $30 million bucks. Since CC will only be 36 at the end of the contract, I say it’s a good deal. It also bumps Sabathia up to slightly more than the annual salary Cliff Lee gets, of $24 million. CC’s number is about $24.4/yr. Now if he can start pitching like the highest paid pitcher in the league, even better. This could be a telling year for Sabathia and I’d love to see him show his A game against some of the other aces in the American League.

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4 thoughts on “CC Sabathia to stay with the New York Yankees

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  2. Agreed, Anonymous. Less stress for everyone involved. It’s hard to believe the Yankees of all teams would get a home town discount, but it looks like we may have. Now onto another top flight starter for the rotation.

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