Flashback: 1986 New York Yankees Roster

While the boys in Flushing were busy destroying the National League, our New York Good Guys were stammering through a dismal 1986 season with a roster straight off of the scrap heap.  Tommy John, Ed Whitson, Joe Neikro, Mike Easler…  stop me when you give a crap.  Point is, the boy wonder (Cashman) was a 19 year old intern, learning how to use the copier and make a decent cup of coffee in the executive offices of The House That Ruth Built.  My… how times have changed.  Thank goodness.

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2 thoughts on “Flashback: 1986 New York Yankees Roster

  1. Fitz, while I agree that the 1986 team was not one for ages, I have fond memories watching them play. The Mid-80′s was right around the time alot of us 30+ year olds began watching baseball. Sure, they finished second with a team that had Ron Hassey, Joel Skinner, Bobby Meachum and Rod Scurry (who would die of a drug overdose) but guys like Mattingly, Winfield, Ricky Henderson and Guidry made it bearable to watch and kept many hopes afloat. Not only that, but the mid-80′, early 90′s Yankees made that 1996 championship sweeter and the dynasty to follow (that had a lot of home-grown talent and non-star offseason moves), all-the-more impressive.

  2. George, you make a lot of good points. Some of the mid 80′s Yankees players were all time favorites, even though they never won enough games to challenge for a pennant. I believe you had a fondness for Dave Winfield that even exceeded my admiration for Don Mattingly. When the 90′s teams started to get good, it was a shock to me that players like Bernie Williams and Paul O’Neil could do things that Guidry and Randolph could not.

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