Mystery Solved: Gymnast with big butt is Bridgette Glass

They talk a lot about viral videos, but once in a while their is a viral photo. Sadly, this one has been photoshopped. The pic shown is of former Cal University Gymnast, Bridgette Glass. She happened to get some photos taken of her, and some happy photoshopper really expanded her rear end. Sorry guys, this gymnasts butt photo is not natural. Though from this blogger, there’s nothing to sneeze at with her regular butt. She’s a very beautiful and intelligent young woman so I hope this whole “scandal” (is it even a scandal?) can somehow elevate her career.I imagine she’ll have quite the following at her next performance, gymnastics or otherwise. Click the read more below to see some additional untouched pictures of Bridgette Glass.

Here’s a video of her performance as well. Pro tip: clicking on the photo will increase the size.

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