Kacie McDonnell is hot and flaunts it to make a career in sports

Fox 29 traffic, philadelphia sports, jillian barberieIf you are in Philadelphia you probably know who Kacie McDonnell is by now. I don’t know the whole story, but I got some info from the guys over at phillybydesign.com. Basically she’s some hot chick who made a name for herself by dating Philly athletes, slutting herself around, and trying to get as much exposure as possible. Well, it’s worked. Kacie is a Villanova grad and was recently added to the local Philly Fox affiliate as their weather girl. Looks like Kacie McDonnell is trying to be the next Jillian Barberie. We will keep tabs on McDonnell as her fame grows and hopefully she decides to make a pit stop into Playboy on her way up. More pics after the break:

Also, take a look at this great slideshow put together about Kacie McDonnell here.

fox 29, philadelphia, christian ponder

Fox 29, christian ponder, jillian barberie, philadelphia


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