Mets GM Sandy Alderson Leaves Winter Meetings with Nothing

Going into the Winter Meetings, Mets General Manager made it abundantly clear that he was shopping for 3 things, an outfielder, a catcher, and a reliever. What did he get? Nothing Nada Zip Zero Zilch, Goose egg. So while the rest of the National League East (with the exception of the Marlins) was getting better.  The Braves have acquired BJ Upton, the Phillies obtained Ben Revere (and are in talks with the Rangers about Michael Young) while the Nationals have acquired Dan Haren.  Meanwhile, here sits Sandy Alderson, filling Mets fans’ heads with nothing but hope and pipe dreams. Alderson states that he has a few legit deals on the table, so maybe he is not tipping his hand and has something cooking. We as Mets fans know, we’ll believe it when we see it.

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